Coachellas 10 Best

This year, Southern California got two Coachellas for the price of one. The unprecedented model of having identical festivals on consecutive weekends not only meant that more fans got to have fun in the blazing sun, it also gave the artists two chances to bring their A-game to the desert. Set lists and stage banter varied slightly from one weekend to the next  — and unannounced guest like Rihanna and Usher only pimped their acts the first time around — but when all the dust settles, attendees from both ‘Chellas have similar stories about the bands, DJs and rappers (virtual and otherwise) who blew their minds on the polo field.

Even over two weekends, it’s a daunting task to see each of the 148 bands who played on Coachella’s five stages – but we sure as hell tried. Here’s the 10 acts who made it worth the double down. Read full story

20 Smokin’ Songs About Weed

It’s hard to imagine that Bob Dylan, Three 6 Mafia and Toby Keith have much in common, but all three artists understand the power of a classic stoner track. Marijuana has served as the inspiration for classic cuts in rock, hip-hop, pop, and of course, reggae, and is still influencing more than a few of our biggest artists (hello, Wiz Khalifa!) today. For 4/20, has put together a countdown of 20 tracks that talk about toking up, with each song including a “potency” level that measures their inebriated energy on a scale of one (mildly buzzed) to 10 (totally stoned). Read

Poll: Ten Artists Who Should Return as Holograms

The big news from Coachella 2012 was the virtual resurrection of Tupac Shakur as a “hologram” during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s headlining performances. The image of Shakur that “performed” with Snoop wasn’t a true hologram – it was basically an elaborate 2D projection – but the Internet nevertheless ran with the term and we’re probably stuck with it. There has been some suggestion that Dr. Dre will eventually take the virtual Shakur on the road, perhaps emboldened by the success of an ongoing concert tour featuring a hologram version of Elvis Presley. It seems like we’re bound to see more and more dead stars return to stages as holograms down the line, so we asked you who you’d like to see come back to the stage in this form. Click through to see your picks.

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2011 Pitchfork Readers Poll

For the fourth straight year Pitchfork readers gave their picks for the best (and worst) in the world of music. And for the fourth straight year, they responded in force. As usual, there are some similarities with our own year-end lists (Bon Iver fans are everywhere) and some key differences (Radiohead’s The King of Limbs was shut out of our own survey but made your Top 10).

Here you’ll find all of the 2011 Readers Poll results, including your choices for Top Albums and Top Tracks, along with Most Underrated and Overrated Albums, Most Annoying Singles, Best Reunions/Comebacks, Best Musician Twitters, Best Live Acts, and more.

2012 Album Preview: This Year’s Best Bets

From Madonna to Prince Royce and from Tim McGraw to Timbaland and far beyond, Billboard spotlights which rock, hip-hop, Latin, country, indie and pop artists and albums to watch for in the year ahead. Who will reign supreme in 2012? Here are dozens of contenders we’ve got our eyes on.

2012′s Biggest Debuts

Meet 17 New Artists Whose Time is Now

Sales have leveled out, but artists can kick-star careers with a click. It’s a good time to be new. Meet 17 acts whose debut albums will win your ears in 2012.


The Top 25 Richest Musicians, Circa Now

U2′s “360″ tour may have been an extravagance on a colossal scale, but it’s paid off for the Irish stars, who have been named the highest-paid musicians in the world in a new survey by Forbes Magazine. Bono and co made $195m last year, the magazine estimates – $70m more than the second-placed act, Bon Jovi, and $95m more thanElton John in third. In all three cases, the money came from extensive touring rather than sales of new music.

Forbes’s list shows the US is still the main territory for acts hoping to make their fortune. Many of those in the top 25 – including the Dave Matthews Band, Toby Keith and Brad Paisley – have made little impression outside North America. The one new act in the list is Justin Bieber (ninth with $53m), testimony to the financial power wielded by very young artists, and to the promotional power of YouTube.

Top 10 Rock Concerts Of All Time


Rock concerts are a huge part of modern life, but some stand out more than others. While there are many criteria for notable shows; largest gross, largest attended, most bands played, etc., truly great concerts are measured in their influence and impact on music, art culture, and sometimes the rock bands themselves.

The Top 10 Rock Concerts Of All  Time list includes these truly great rock concerts, and the reason why. We are sure there will be plenty of debate and personal opinion about this list, and we would love to hear your views in the comments below!

The Top 10 Summer Songs of All Time

Ah, summer, the time of sleeping late, hanging with friends, jumping into pools, summer romance, and sun tanning on beachfronts. Summer time is about vacations and rest. Some ofthe most memorable summer songs include most or all of these subjects.

1. “Summer in the City” made popular by the Lovin’ Spoonful. This song is an oldie; it was released in 1966. Mark Sebastian and Steve Boone wrote the summer hit. You’ve never heard it before? Actually, if you are a fan of The Simpsons or Bruce Willis’ action film Die Hard with a Vengeance, you’ve encountered the hit.

Bob Dylan at 70: His Ten Best Albums

Remember when you could’ve sworn you saw the young Bob Dylan looking shy and introspective on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone?

You weren’t hallucinating - this time.

• Is ”Like a Rolling Stone” Bob Dylan’s greatest song?

That was Dylan. Rolling Stone decided to commemorate his 70th birthday with a list, of course – this one compiling the 70 Greatest Dylan Songs. As lists go, it’s not bad, with “Like a Rolling Stone” at No. 1 and “I Shall Be Released” at No. 6, although the outrageous omission of the first song I thought of when thinking of classics they might have omitted, the awe-inspiring “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine),” has left me looking for a fight.

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